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through October 2019

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I have been modifying my 7 passenger, Town and Country Van for traveling purposes.

This particular van has seating where the rear 5 seats fold into the floor

Van Seats

So the first thing that I had to do was to put the generator in place and come up with an unattached bed frame size

that would allow the two right rear seats to be usable

I wanted it to be light weight and as high to the ceiling as possible, and having a van with such a low ceiling,

it takes some giving to get.

The lower the bed , the less storage space available.

Bed Frame with Stud Bed Frame with no stud Bed Frame with platform

The bed frame started out 7 inches higher and with a center support for the frame.

Because the bed platform was made from 3/4 CDX Plywood, I was able to remove the center stud

And for the ease of sliding the storage boxes, I got rid of the 2"X 4" sole plates,

and went with a full 1/4 inch OSB panel on the bottom of the frame.

Van Floor Van Generator

Well I decided I better cover the van floor to protect it too.

Now it's time to make some storage boxes

To make as much use of storage room as possible I chose to make (4) boxes, 26 inches long, 16 inches tall , and 15 inches wide

The material is 1/4" OSB framed with a 2"X4" ripped into 3rds

The material is fastened with drywall screws and Titebond 3 water proof glue

Box End Box End Box Pieces

And the finished product is light, rugged, and stackable

I am offering boxes of any size. Made from any wooden material. With or without a cover. With or without a handle

If a cover is preferred it can be hinged, or just a simple top for stacking.

These boxes can be stacked any way and will not crush or collapse, with or without covers

Box End Box End Box End

I am offering van "interior face lifts" for camping or any reason.

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